About Us

GeoCodes wants to provide the most efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services.

We strive to be reliable enough for you to trust us. How do we do it? Our qualified experts examine every aspect of the residential or commercial area to provide the best methodical approach. Houses, buildings, and work spaces; all need sufficient electrical circuits, reliant plumbing, and mechanical needs, depending on their structure. That is where we come in. Facing problems with your air conditioner, exhaust fans, lighting, control panels, and water pumps? Look no further. Geocodes have got you covered!



from Director

Geocodes is not just a buiseness providing MEP services to its customer and making profits but we also sees it as an opportunity to make our client’s lives better everyday by helping them fixing things for them. We strive to make a difference in the market and that is why people have been opting for us. Our team of expert and diverse labors are always ready to take up on new challenges daily. We think it is not just about fixing airconditioner when it is not working but it is about providing our best which will bring peace to our client’s faces.