Business Consulting

Business Transformation

The business environment is rapidly changing to keep up with technology and consumer demands. New business models are emerging and this is not only affecting businesses but governments and academia. GEO-CODES business transformation team can help you not only deal with change, but also manage it to your advantage. Identify business problems, find innovative solutions and bring your organization up to speed to compete in the digital economy.

Change Management

When implementing your new digital transformation strategy, you must also think about how this change will affect your organization and the way it operates. GEO-CODES will support you in assessing the impact of change on your organization and help you deliver this change. GEO-CODES can support you on: technology implementation, introducing new cultures and working ways, organizational change, and the delivery of agile programs.


Companies not only need legal advice when starting their businesses, but they may face complicated legal issues related to their business in later stages also. GEO-CODES provides technology legal advice and assist our tech clients in all stages of their business in Saudi Arabia. GEO-CODES provides legal consultation on day-to-day operational activities such as website terms and conditions, privacy and data protection laws in Saudi Arabia, Internet advertising, web hosting, and software licensing.


Our marketing consultants are specialized in developing marketing strategies helping you with identifying the target clients for your business, giving you support in designing your marketing campaigns and setting your marketing strategies. GEO-CODES also supports you gain insights into your local markets, provide you with market research and local case studies if needed. At GEO-CODES we are also specialized in Geomarketing and can help you create your ad campaigns incorporating location intelligence helping you reach the right consumer at the right time

Public Relations

If you are considering investing in the Saudi market, our team will be able to assist you in managing the information flow from your company to the public. Our PR consulting services will provide expert advice on the local markets in Saudi Arabia.

Human Resources

Our HR consultants will support you in developing recruitment strategies and assist in hiring the top talents around, maintain to deliver top performance from employees for the progress of the business. GEO-CODES training programs are helping bridge the gap between Academia and the industry helping the industry to acquire talents based on the different specialized activities that GEO-CODES delivers.