Technology Consulting

As Technology advances businesses face both exciting opportunities and difficult challenges. Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are changing the economic scene. GEO-CODES believes organizations have to be proactive in adapting to new technologies, and disrupt before being disrupted. GEO-CODES can help you set and execute your transformation strategies, utilize technology to improve your organization’s operations, lower costs and identify new revenue streams. We can link you with industry experts to tailor a solution that suits your very specific needs, help you develop, implement and test your customized solution.

Digital Transformation

GEO-CODES understands the needs for change and will help you identify the most suitable solution for your business. We don’t only help you identify and select the technologies we also set the processes to transform your business and manage the digital mindset of your team, save costs and maximize revenues. GEO-CODES specializes in the design and implementation of digital solutions including AI, Advanced Analytics, IoT, and Smart City Solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize revenues and decrease costs by unlocking the power of your data. Gain insights to your business and drive decisions by understanding your data. Our specialist team can support you in understanding the data your organization holds. AI and ML models can reveal patterns and trends in customer behavior and reveal new opportunities for your organization. GEO-CODES connects the dots between business outcomes and AI. Many public and private organizations have Artificial Intelligence technology services, but it needs experts to help them improve their offerings. GEO-CODES provides consulting services in the field of Artificial Intelligence to cover this need.

System Integrations

 System Integrations is a complex task that requires experience and skill. Our subject matter experts will lead, deliver, scope, plan, help you select the right vendors and the right technology, and implement system integration activities determining the right level of support required to meet your business needs.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can save your business the costs of having you own on-site servers, databases, software, etc. Cloud service solutions can save your organization the hassle and save costs. GEO-CODES can help you select the right solution to your needs from storage, to servers, to data management solutions, to virtual desktops or full applications and development platforms.