Geospatial Intelligence

GEO-CODES aims to lead the innovation in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technologies. Our teams produce site maps and illustrations, and manage large, multi-disciplinary environmental datasets. They are highly experienced in GIS and database automation, applications programming, spatial modeling, 3D modeling, advanced image analysis, and interactive web mapping.

Web Based GIS and Mapping Service:

GEO-CODES develops web-based GIS systems allowing clients to view and share project information with multiple users through customized map interfaces. These tools save time and money by communicating information quickly and efficiently to aid in the decision-making process throughout the life of a project. Mobile GIS and Mapping Solutions: GEO-CODES offers a wide range of mobile solutions created to meet specific needs and various business & functional requirements including Data Collection and editing, location-based services, mapping, query, processing and analysis, traffic analysis, navigation and Augmented Reality.