Summer School Enrichment Program

English Language Summer School Enrichment Programme

including ICT, Science, Engineering and Business in European Union Students aged between 15 and 22 National University of Ireland, Galway.Programme is 8 weeks in duration. Course description.This Enrichment Programme has been specially designed to sharpen students’ English language skills, and to introduce students to cutting-edge developments in the fields of ICT, Science, Engineering and Business. Ireland is uniquely positioned between the UK, Europe, and America, and has benefitted from partnerships with governments and business, as well as from significant direct foreign investments, to cultivate an innovative technological economy. The objectives of this course are: To immerse students in the culture of Ireland via lectures and trips to sites of historic and cultural significance, including the capital city, Dublin, as well as areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as Connemara and the Cliffs of Moher. Learning outcomes During the course you will